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Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Comes Up From 31 Days Under The Sea

07 Jul, 2014 - By

http://   On the 50th anniversary of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau’s 30-day undersea stint in a lab below the Red Sea, his grandson, aquanaut Fabien Cousteau, decided to honor his journey. Cousteau the younger recently spent 31 days inside the Aquarius Reef Base, currently the only underwater marine habitat and lab on the planet. While […]

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Milan Protocol

05 Jul, 2014 - By

Stella Thomas & Global Water Fund participate in the 2015 Milan Protocol The “Milan Protocol” will connect citizens and policy makers to address the issue of food sustainability with a triple objective: To promote healthy lifestyles and fight obesity To promote sustainable agriculture To reduce food waste by 50% by 2020   The initiative, […]

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World Environment Day – June 5

05 Jun, 2014 - By

“Planet Earth is our shared island, let us join forces to protect it.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the launch of the 2014 International Year of Small Islands and Developing States   World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the […]

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Fabien Cousteau – Mission 31

31 May, 2014 - By

Fabien Cousteau and ocean explorers first attempt to live underwater for 31 days.   Fabien Cousteau is an oceanographic explorer, conservationist and documentary filmmaker. As the first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fabien spent his early years aboard his famous grandfather’s ships, Calypso and Alcyone; and learned how to scuba dive on his fourth birthday. […]

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3rd World Water Forum – May 27-29, 2014 Istanbul, Turkey

27 May, 2014 - By

Stella Thomas discusses Water Security at the 3rd World Water Forum – Istanbul, Turkey. The Turkish Water Institute (SUEN) is based on the experience and knowledge we gathered during the organization of the 5th World Water Forum in 2009. At SUEN, we have a small, but young and energetic team, ambitious for developing new […]

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National Water Conference – Athens, Greece May 22, 2014

22 May, 2014 - By

Stella Thomas is Keynote Speaker at National Water Conference on Sustainable Development in Athens, Greece – May 22, 2014   The National Meeting on Sustainable Management of Water Resources The responsible management of natural resources and raw materials and the conduct of business in a way that minimizes the impact of industrial , commercial or […]

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Celebrating Earth Day – April 22

22 Apr, 2014 - By   Earth Day 2014 Our planet is at a turning point. The massive global migration underway now from countryside to cities will demand huge investments in energy, water, materials, waste, food distribution, and transportation over the next 25 years. If the right investments are made now, this unique opportunity will be the catalyst for […]

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Infographic: 10 Things You Should Know About Water

18 Apr, 2014 - By

Infographic: 10 Things You Should Know About Water   How much drinkable water is there in the world? How much water does an American, a European, an African use everyday? How many people lack even basic access to clean water? Circle of Blue’s newest infographic aims to answer these questions and many more. With 6,000 […]

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Following EPA Action, Rio Tinto Exits Alaska Pebble Mine Project

16 Apr, 2014 - By

Following EPA Action, Rio Tinto Exits Alaska Pebble Mine Project   Six weeks after the Obama administration said it would act to protect one of North America’s last wild salmon fisheries in Bristol Bay, Alaska, one of the world’s largest mining companies announced on Monday that it is withdrawing from the Pebble copper mine development […]

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California Drought Plan Is a Roadmap for a Perilous Year

11 Apr, 2014 - By

California Drought Plan Is a Roadmap for a Perilous Year State officials also said that rock barriers to help funnel salt water out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta will not be immediately necessary. Instead, the Department of Water Resources will request that salinity standards be loosened in parts of the delta. State and federal officials […]

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