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26 Feb, 2014 - By

Water MapThe business sector has a key role to play in managing water resources. It accounts for 22% of global water withdrawals and up to 60% of withdrawals in high-income countries.

Diminishing water supplies and water quality could negatively impact a company’s cost effectiveness, disrupt operations, and threaten a companies’ license to operate. Reputation and brand value are also increasingly at risk especially as civil society see global brands as a platform for local concerns.

Companies will need to continue to make social responsibility as part of core strategy. In this way, corporations maintain the public’s trust, are given a license to operate and can gain a competitive advantage by implementing environmental strategies which will impact their bottom line positively.


Social Risk = Threat (Issue & Stakeholder Awareness) x Vulnerability


The Global Water Fund advices the business sector on risk analysis for business development and investment; corporate social responsibility strategies; water foot printing through supply chain; extensive market research on natural resources and emerging needs in new markets; emerging government regulations; competitor analysis; impact on local populations and environment; new partnerships with local communities; and the link between the food/energy/water nexus.


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