Daylighting Takes Off as Cities Expose Long-Buried Rivers

18 Dec, 2013 - By

There’s likely an underground stream in your city, but it may soon be seeing the light.

Uncovering buried streams has had huge impacts in places as diverse as Seattle, Washington, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and even Seoul, Korea—improving local water quality, providing habitat for fish and birds, and turning neglected parking lots and roads into public parks that boost neighbors’ property values and can revitalize entire cities. And city planners everywhere are starting to take note.

In Yonkers, the fourth largest city in New York State, officials are a third done with a “daylighting” project—a term for the opening up of underground streams. In addition to exposing a waterway that had long been covered, the effort has already sparked plans for a new minor-league ballpark and new housing.


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