New Film Highlights Hydropower Dams and Food Security Concerns in Cambodia

18 Sep, 2011 - By

Scientists and conservation experts are urging the government of Cambodia to put a moratorium on the development of hydropower dams, and now Conservation International has released a new short film, Hydropower Impacts and Alternatives, that takes a closer look at the issues surrounding the dam construction in the 3-S basin within the Greater Mekong River System.

There is a clear need for more power generation in Cambodia—according to Bunra Seng, Director of Conservation International’s Greater Mekong program in Cambodia, most people still lack reliable access to electricity and less than 10 percent of Cambodia’s total installed capacity has been developed. But scientists and conservation experts are urging the government to address the issue by developing sustainable, science-based solutions to the energy problems first.

The 15-minute film explores the role of the Sekong, Srepok, and Sesan (3-S) Rivers as the most critical tributaries feeding into the Lower Mekong River, as well as how hydropower development will affect the ecosystem and the people living in the region. The greatest concern shown in the film is the affect of the dams on Cambodia’s food security.

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