OPIC Opens Southeast Asia Investment Conference – Jakarta, Indonesia

15 May, 2011 - By

Stella Thomas, Managing Director of Global Water Fund, speaks at OPIC Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia 2011.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today joined Elizabeth Littlefield, President and CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), in opening OPIC’s Access to Opportunity in Southeast Asia, an international investment conference enabling U.S. companies to pursue investment opportunities in a region poised to grow dramatically in the coming years.

More than 300 participants, representing American and Southeast Asian businesses, leading regional investors and both the U.S. and regional governments are attending the three-day conference, which was announced by President Obama during his trip to Indonesia last November.

“OPIC’s goal for the conference is to facilitate new U.S. investment in Southeast Asia, especially in priority sectors such as infrastructure and renewable energy. We aim to encourage projects which deliver important developmental benefits to the peoples of the region – better utility services, improved agriculture, modernized health care and communications, for example – through the vehicle of American innovation and capital,” Ms. Littlefield said.

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