The Phoenician Ship Expedition to Raise Awareness

18 Jan, 2008 - By
Water in Africa

Due to the ongoing challenges Africa faces in water provision and the importance of water to the Phoenicians, the expedition has adopted “water” as the focus of its charitable campaign.  The expedition will channel publicity and support to highlight the crucial need for clean water in Africa.

Working with advice from leading water expert Stella Thomas, Founder and President of Global Water Fund, we are developing connections with communities with water project needs in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana.

The expedition crew will contribute to a number of initiatives by offering help (for example by collaborating in the digging of a well)
during the ship’s 2-3 week stops in port.  This will provide an authentic example for the expedition supporters to demonstrate how
support and donations for water initiatives are being utilised and are benefiting local African communities

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