Water Investments

07 Mar, 2014 - By

The Global Water Fund advises the Investment Community

Water-H2OWorldwide, the water sector is a USD$500 billion industry and growing. There is strong growth in China, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

The private sector, commercial banks, along with overseas development aid will continue to be important funding entities for water investment.

Financing water infrastructure is not a one-off capital investment but rather requires high spending to maintain and operate assets. There is a great demand for pipes, pumps, valves, meting, filtration, purification and industrial treatment.

Investment in the water sector will be successful if it is accompanied by a reform of government policies, strong legal frameworks, and intelligent pricing.


The Global Water Fund sources and develops technologies for implementation into new markets; works with national governments to provide sovereign guarantees and a secure investment environment; and creates opportunities for the investment community to directly finance technologies through a private equity stake or through investment in the water fund.

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